My Big Fat Greek Casserole (Feta, Greens, and Rice Casserole Recipe)


This is not the best time of year for food photography for me, as is probably evident from the less than stellar leading shot of today’s recipe. You see, I live in upstate NY. And by upstate NY I don’t mean White Plains. I mean right smack dab in the middle of the state. So far upstate that when I finally looked at a map of where I’d be living after I agreed to move here, my first words were, “You didn’t tell me we’re moving to Canada!” So being pretty high up there on the latitude lines, I’m working with maybe 8 or 9 hours of real light a day right now and unfortunately most of the hours I have available for cooking do not fall into that daylit period. Couple that with the fact that sunny days are few and far between at best, and I’m just really out of luck as far as decent lighting. But I continue on, regardless. I’m certainly not going to deprive you of this tasty and easy recipe just because I couldn’t get a photo that I love. (more…)

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